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About the program
The program offers access to a Primary Care Physician (PCP), limited prescription coverage and limited x-rays and labwork!
(See Benefits in brief).
• Macomb County residents
• Ages 19-64
• Adults with no minor dependent children
• Individual and spouse income 100 percent of federal poverty level, or less (about $800 per month for individual, $1,070 per month for individual and spouse)
• Not eligible for any other medical coverage (Medicare, Medicaid, retiree or any other commercial medical benefit)
You will need to provide:
1. Completed "Application" form
2. Completed "Monthly Income and Expense Detail" form
3. Copy of current picture identification (driver's license, state identification card or passport)
4. Copy of social security card or any legal document stating your social security number
5. Medicaid rejection letter from the Department of Human Service (formerly FIA)
6. Proof  of income, including  spouse if applicable (check stub, W2, current income tax return)
7. Bank statement(s)
8. Mortgage statement or lease agreement (if neither, a letter from homeowner stating you are currently staying at that location)
9. Proof of car payment and car insurance
10. An in-person meeting with an Intake Specialist
  No monthly premium for qualified applicants  
How to apply
Click here to download an application or call us at 586-783-9355 for an application. Once you complete the application, please visit our office during normal office hours or call to schedule an intake appointment.

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